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1on1 written by lama, 2009-05-13 15:41 CEST (2 comments)

Date: TODAY. 06.14
Format: 1v1
Start: 18:00 CET

Check-in at 17:45 CET


Map list:


Round 1: mp_sillyctf
Round 2: te_valhala
Round 3(if 16 players): ctf_multi
Round 4(if 32 players): ctf_well
Round 5(if 64 players): multi_hunplace
Final: 2 maps from Map list. (ETTV)

decider will be tournament_dm if its a draw.


-Global 1v1
-selfkill is NOT allowed.
-Only class - fieldops
-Can use ONLY smg, pistols, knifes, ammo packs. NO grenades, airstrikes, arty.
-Must idle on #oneonone.et (quakenet :o)
-Everyone must record demos
-guids must be older than 3 months
-on frag maps (valhala,hunplace,tournamentdm) winner is who has less deaths.
-cb/esl banned players are not allowed to play here.

Results to:



Winner: Elviss
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